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Past life Regression Therapy: A Story Of Caution.

My journey with past life regression began about ten years ago. After experiencing an intense spiritual emergence I found that regression, particularly past life regression was incredibly helpful in clearing out old karmic issues that had surfaced to be resolved. After a few years of receiving it, I decided to train as a professional. I'd had my own journey with it. Found it helpful and wanted to share it with the world.

I completed one training. It was a fantastic experience. I explored positive past lives and difficult ones. I gained my certification. But I wanted to explore deeper. I started another training. This one had a different approach. In my first training, for difficult past life memories we were encouraged to float above and observe from a distance. But in this training we were encouraged to sit right in the difficult experience and go through it several times. The idea being that you would release any trauma you were holding onto from the experience. There are lots of practitioners who work this way and they have apparently good results. My experience of this was far from good. In fact, I found it incredibly damaging. The trauma from one of the regressions I received in this training (as we have to work on each other to train) was so intense it pushed me into the territory of another spiritual emergence. I spoke to my teachers. They told me I could have " opened a can of worms" and to have more sessions. I had another five. It did not help. I struggled to ground myself after this experience and for the next six months I was in a very bad state. Experiencing terrible anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD. It was honestly the worst six months of my life.

" As a past life regression practitioner, I would never take someone into such trauma."

Moving forward, once we have processed such experiences we need to pick the lessons learnt and the gifts gained. As there will always be gifts. I love past life regression and I have experienced it since and it is still an incredibly valuable tool for me. But I have a new respect for it's power. I have learnt the safest way of regressing. As a past life regression practitioner, I would never take someone into such trauma. There was one other person who had a similar experience to me on this course. Where others found that symptoms the clients were being regressed for disappeared in one session. It works for some, but can be incredibly dangerous for others. Sometimes, understanding where the pain or issue comes from and giving closure to it is enough.

I have written this blog, not to put people off past life regression. But to consider both your practitioner and their methods before booking in. Neither myself or the other student who experienced the same as me had any contraindicated mental health conditions. I had used past life regression for many years using the "float above" technique and very much benefited from it. Past life regression is an amazing tool and I am happy to offer it to people safely following this lesson.

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