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What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression is a technique using Hypnosis to explore previous incarnations.  It has been used around the world for thousands of years. The first Physician to use it therapeutically was Dr Pierre Janet in the 1890's. Sigman Freud was also an advocate for Past Life Regression. He felt that past traumas have a strong influence over present symptoms. And that by making the unconscious, conscious we can begin to make decisions and choices that can bring about positive changes. 

How can Past Life Regression help me?

A lot of people come to past life regression out of curiosity. Who was I in a past life? What will I discover about myself? It is a fascinating subject. But past life regression also has therapeutic uses. Reasons to explore past lives may be:

Strong and unexplained connections to other cultures, places, or particular times in history.

Having re-occurring dreams about the same location, experiences or people.

Unexplained repetition of certain behaviours or thought patterns.

Irrational fears or phobias.

Unusual friendships or relationships.

Unexplained aches and/or pains. (Please always consult your physician first.)

For those experiencing a spiritual emergency.

Anyone can be regressed into past lives. Only a light hypnotic trance state is required to enter past lives. 

If you feel that past life regression could be helpful to you, please contact me using the contact form below and we'll arrange a free online consultation.

Here's what other people have said about my past life regression sessions:

"I didn’t know what to expect from my session with Vicky but I found it a very powerful experience. Vicky was very clear and grounded, and I found it easy to trust her space-holding, enabling me to comfortably drop into a different level of awareness. The inner experience I had was clearer and more visual than I expected, and also took me to some unexpected places, which had a lot of resonance for me. Vicky’s guidance struck just the right balance of being encouraging, without being too directive. Throughout I felt safely held, and would unhesitatingly recommend the experience to anyone interested in this kind of inner exploration with Vicky."

From the start, I was open to Vicky taking me into the Library of Souls.  Meeting myself in 1868, looking at the pictures in the book of my life, I felt myself as a milkmaid in a Vermeer painting. The session gave me an understanding of what I draw to myself and this visual, intuitive, embodied healing of this aspect of myself allowed me to rewrite an ending.  And to understand why a recent unusual, brief, strong connection had a soul link. 

Vicky held the session with an unobtrusive, assured, curious compassion allowing a powerful experience. 

Alison Pilling  - Intimate Relationship Coach.

Image by Javardh


Please email me with your request.  We can arrange a free consultation via telephone or Skype.

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