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Positive Thinking: Your Morning Routine

Are you prone to negative thinking? If you want to change your thought patterns to be more supportive, setting up a helpful morning routine can be extremely beneficial. Having a great morning routine will set you off on a good foot for the day. It doesn't have to be too long. You can set aside ten minutes, thirty minutes or an hour depending on how much time you have. Think about the thoughts you often have in the morning. How is your mood? Are you a morning person? You could even start your morning routine in bed if you wanted to.

What do I mean by a morning routine? I mean setting aside a little time to prepare for your day. Start by taking deep, slow breaths. Slow deep breathing has a calming effect on your mind. It oxygenates your body and helps you to release endorphins. You can follow this with a simple body scan, some meditation, Hypnosis or positive affirmations. If you choose to use affirmations, get yourself really relaxed first. And as you speak each affirmation, feel in your body and mind how that the affirmations are true. Like you already have these things. Feel how happy and grateful you are to experience them. By infusing your mind with positivity first thing, you'll feel the benefits for the duration of the day. It will support you during any tough experiences. It will energise you and with regular practice will help you to cultivate new, positive ways of thinking. Here are some nice morning meditation and positive affirmation links to get you started:

Positive morning affirmations:

Positive morning affirmations for self love:

Morning gratitude meditation:

Insight Timer: Meditation app:

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