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Welcome to Inner World Therapeutics.  I'm Vicky. I'm a fully certified and insured practitioner of Hypnosis, Reiki and Past Life Regression. I'm a member of the Past Life Therapist's Association. I'm an Usui Reiki Master, certified spiritual healer and Pagan Priestess of Goddess. You'll find out more about me and how I came to be here below. Your inner world is your inner space shaped by your memories (both past life and present), experiences, traumas, habits, and many other things. Working with the inner realms is a powerful and productive way to shape your outer world. It's a place where you can clear the old habits and thought patterns that no longer serve you, lift your mood and open up to new possibilities and ways of being. I offer some tools to help you with this. Please be sure to see my blog, which includes many useful tips and free meditations to help you create and form a healthy, strong inner world that will support you in everyday life.

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About Vicky

Here's a little about my story and how I came to offer this work: I was born a sensitive soul. Growing up as a naturally intuitive and empathic young woman can be very challenging for many reasons. To assist me with the difficulties I was experiencing, I began to meditate regularly around the age of fourteen. This was when I discovered the power of working on the inner realms. I explored different types of meditation, my favourite being visualisation based. I felt so nourished by this work. And the transformation was visible to others around me. Despite the difficulties of growing up sensitive and empathic, It was these natural abilities that lead me to work in jobs where I can help other people. I have been a therapist in many forms for nearly twenty years. During which time, I have undertaken lots of trainings in Spirituality, Bodywork, Healing and more. Here is a list of some of my certifications:

  • Reiki Master

  •  Spiritual Healer

  •  Counselling

  •  Past Life Regression Practitioner

  • Practitioner of Hypnosis

  • Remote Spirit Release Practitioner 

My personal healing journey has made me feel very compassionate to others who may experience similar things. I offer a calm, relaxed and confidential space for you to receive hypnosis, healing and explore past lives. I would love to help you over-come any  issues so you can create the comfortable, peaceful and successful life you've dreamed about. I offer sessions both online and in person in Glastonbury, Somerset. If you think I can help, please get in touch using the contact form below and we can arrange a free consultation. 


"One is not always happy when one is good; but one is always good when one is happy"

Oscar Wilde

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Please email me with your request.  We can arrange a free consultation via telephone or Skype.

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