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Past Life Regression: My Experience.

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Past life Regression is something I had never thought about exploring. I have always liked to keep an open mind about things like Reincarnation and spirituality. Let's be honest, none of us really know what's going on! None of us really know what else there is to life. We can certainly speculate, and we may have very powerful experiences. Personally, I have always found it best to keep an open mind. It certainly makes things more interesting to think none of us have the answers. And perhaps there is more than one answer!

My first experience of past life regression came after I had experienced a spiritual emergency. A spiritual emergency is a complex subject. I would love to speak about this more in the future. But it is basically a sudden, powerful spiritual awakening. It can take many years to process. From the outside, it can look like a nervous breakdown. It is an incredibly traumatic and confusing experience. But it is also a wonderful opportunity to clear out many past traumas and heaviness within your psyche. It is very common for people experiencing a spiritual emergency to remember past life memories and traumas. Of course, they may not realize this is what is happening. Experiencing past life memories can feel like unexplained or sudden pains and heaviness within the body, re-occurring visions, or unexplained heavy emotions, and sadness. I stumbled across past life regression when I visited an amazing therapist who combines past life regression with spirit release work. I was originally looking for a spirit release therapist after seeing some creepy things in my room! I've been seeing earthbound spirits and various other beings since my early teens. What I'd never realized is that actually seeing these things can be linked to past life memories. Being regressed was very simple. Anyone can be taken into a past life. Only a very light trance state is needed. Being regressed feels comfortable and is simply allowing visions to come to your mind. But you can feel very deep emotional connections to the things you see. If the life was traumatic, it can bring tears to your eyes. You may feel physically the things that happened. It is also a very safe space. If things feel too intense, they can be "toned down". Past life regression can shed light on unexplained patterns or behaviour you might experience in this life to. You also have the opportunity to "re-write" any negative experiences so that you awaken from the session feeling fresh, happy and re-empowered.

My first past life regression session shed light on some of my relationships with people. I felt much lighter afterwards and the physical symptoms I was experiencing along with the creepy things in my room were no longer there. Past life regression is now a tool I often use on myself, and it has been incredibly helpful in dealing with the effects of spiritual emergency.

If you would like to experience past life regression, please contact me to arrange a session. All of my work is currently online. So you can have it from the comfort of your own space, no matter where you are in the world.


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